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501 - 750cc 0 - 125cc 251 - 500cc 126 - 250cc
0 - 125cc
GTS 250 Joymax (250cc) 07-09(Limited Information)
Joymax 250 (250cc) 06(Limited Information)
Joymax 250i (250cc) 07-08(Limited Information)
Quadlander 250 (250cc) 05-09(Limited Information)
Voyager 250 (250cc) 05(Limited Information)
Wolf SB 250 Ni 13(No Information Yet)
Wolf SB 250 Ni 14(No Information Yet)
Wolf SB 250 Ni 15(No Information Yet)
Citycom 300i 08-10
Citycom 300i 11
Citycom 300i 12(No Information Yet)
Citycom 300i 13(No Information Yet)
Citycom 300i S 15(No Information Yet)
Citymax 300 Quad (300cc) 06(Limited Information)
GTS/Joymax 300i 13
GTS/Joymax 300i 14-15(No Information Yet)
Joymax EVO 300i 10(Limited Information)
Joymax EVO 300i 11(Limited Information)
Joymax EVO 300i 12(No Information Yet)
Outlander 300 S (300cc) 07-08(Limited Information)
Quadlander 300S 15(No Information Yet)
Maxsym 400i 11(Limited Information)
Maxsym 400i 12(No Information Yet)
Maxsym 400i 15(No Information Yet)
GT 500 (500cc) 04(Limited Information)
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